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Debalina Ghoshal
, 1 October 2015
Open for trade, Iran may test two rivalries – its own with Saudi Arabia, another between Pakistan and India
Robert A. Manning
, 29 September 2015
China and the US face many complex issues; the challenge is not letting one overwhelm the relationship
Amitav Acharya
, 24 September 2015
Fragmented ASEAN balks at taking a position on China’s creeping expansionism in the South China Sea
Joseph Chamie
, 22 September 2015
UN sustainability goals should not overlook population growth centered in the poor, least developed countries
Jamsheed K. Choksy and Carol E. B. Choksy
, 17 September 2015
Trade delegations rush to Iran; if its nuclear ambitions are not contained, restoring sanctions won't be easy
Chris Miller
, 15 September 2015
European Union needs long-term policies on refugees, with no end in sight for suffering in Middle East or Africa
Farok J. Contractor
, 10 September 2015
The Chinese prefer investing overseas; dummy companies may ease transfers and devalue renminbi
Börje Ljunggren
, 8 September 2015
China uses WWII history against rival Japan for power, but cooperation could be the better lesson
David R. Cameron
, 3 September 2015
Ukraine struggles with separatists, protests, reforms – and an IMF debt deal on shaky ground
David Dapice
, 1 September 2015
Stock-market volatility for China and beyond signals reassessment of global risks; investors in transparent markets should not panic
Chris Miller
, 27 August 2015
A key axis for Europe: free-market advocates in Western Europe ally with those in former communist countries
Shim Jae Hoon
, 25 August 2015
South Korea refuses to panic over North’s provocations, turns on border loudspeakers to secure agreement on peace talks
Harsh V. Pant
, 20 August 2015
Under Modi, India cultivates and promotes soft power of Bollywood, Sanskrit, yoga and democracy
Bertil Lintner
, 18 August 2015
Ouster of Shwe Mann suggests that Myanmar’s military leaders are in control, setting strict limits on reforms
Will Hickey
, 13 August 2015
Investors and economies cling to and strengthen the US dollar, despite many glaring imbalances
Itziar Aguirre
, 11 August 2015
Corruption, ethnic tensions, refugees are spreading from small, poor Burundi after troubled election
Gregory Poling
, 6 August 2015
Chinese military drills in South China Sea, as ASEAN convenes on code of conduct, send unsettling message
Michael C. Davis
, 4 August 2015
Protests, China’s tightening grip, uncertainty put Hong Kong’s status as global financial center at risk
Jonathan Gil Harris
, 30 July 2015
Judeo-Muslim multicultural bonds were tested by Christian Portuguese rulers in 16th century India
John Githongo
, 28 July 2015
US foreign policy vis-à-vis Africa is transactional; corruption hampers fight against Al-Shabaab