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Murray Hiebert
, 24 May 2016
The US lifts an arms embargo for once nemesis Vietnam, but the latter does not want China to worry
Yoichi Funabashi
, 19 May 2016
Boosting and training coast guards is a civilian-power solution to tensions in the East and South China Seas
Sumit Ganguly
, 17 May 2016
With a series of attacks and no crackdown on extremism, Bangladesh retreats from its secular, democratic beginnings
Terry Lautz
, 12 May 2016
One side of China pursues openness and reforms; another side insists that unity and stability are paramount
Hicham Alaoui
, 10 May 2016
Authoritarianism has retrenched in the Middle East with new strategies to extend control
Bruce Stokes
, 5 May 2016
Polarization on trade, security and immigration hobbles the US and its major parties, especially Republicans
Thomas Graham
, 3 May 2016
To avoid marginalization and over-reliance on China, Russia should repair ties with the West
From: Jeffrey E. Garten, New Haven
, 28 April 2016
The next US president can rescue global trade and resuscitate the US workforce
Chris Miller
, 26 April 2016
In a competitive oil market with regional rivalries, OPEC members fail to coordinate production levels
Bennett Ramberg
, 21 April 2016
The Obama administration compares ISIS to cancer, and the analogy offers insights into defeating the extremists
Robert Sutter
, 19 April 2016
Whether the US-China relationship after Obama continues with confrontation or cooperation may be in Xi’s hands
Richard Weitz
, 14 April 2016
The nuclear security summits raised awareness and improved security, but threat of terrorists seizing fissile material is high
Farok J. Contractor
, 12 April 2016
Nations struggle and compete with separate tax codes while multinationals treat the world as a single economic space
Dilip Hiro
, 7 April 2016
Slowed growth in China led to its increased steel exports, Tata Steel’s plans to end operations in Britain
Humphrey Hawksley
, 5 April 2016
The EU – divided over debt, entitlements and refugees – confronts authoritarian politics at home and from afar
Harsh V. Pant
, 31 March 2016
With visits to Saudi Arabia and UAE, Modi aims to position India globally so as to isolate Pakistan
Daniel Twining
, 29 March 2016
Economic clout alone does not protect Europe; EU leaders must project influence abroad to shape the international system
David Dapice
, 24 March 2016
World leaders blame open borders for economic woes, trying protectionist controls rather than reducing inequality
Paul Elish and Susan Froetschel
, 22 March 2016
US colleges encourage civic engagement, so international students attend rallies, write op-eds and volunteer for presidential candidates
Bruce Stokes
, 17 March 2016
The US presidential campaign is dominated by global issues including trade, immigration and terrorism – and voters have mixed feelings