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Bruce Riedel
, 2 July 2015
King Salman’s first six months introduce uncertainty in an already turbulent Middle East
Will Hickey
, 30 June 2015
Amid intense competition and quantitative easing, countries that innovate and reduce bureaucracy will be more influential
Alexander Evans
, 25 June 2015
Al Qaeda and ISIL have more similarities than differences; strategic counterterrorism efforts must be applied
Matthew Rojansky and Mykhailo Minakov
, 23 June 2015
Ukrainian leaders, under siege from Russian and separatist forces, resist constructive criticism
Chris Miller
, 18 June 2015
Turkey’s coalition politics could swing right toward nationalism or left toward deals with Kurds and the EU
Neelam D Sabharwal
, 16 June 2015
During a trip to China, India’s Prime Minister Modi wins publicity points, but fails to narrow strategic differences
Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
, 11 June 2015
Nations must tackle root causes of disorderly migration – or expect more economic crises and armed conflict
Stephen S. Roach
, 9 June 2015
AIIB’s founding members, led by China, could develop new standards for global governance
Dinesh C. Sharma
, 4 June 2015
India’s tech firms target consumers in fast-growing emerging markets – and attract acquisition attention, too
Alark Saxena
, 2 June 2015
Poverty, weak governance, unchecked urbanization increase Himalaya region’s vulnerability to earthquakes and other natural disasters
Shuaihua Wallace Cheng
, 28 May 2015
China’s responds to US pivot to Asia with One Belt, One Road – that could offer opportunity for the US
Harsh V. Pant
, 26 May 2015
Modi demonstrates willingness to end border disputes, ease tensions and partner with China
Anita Chan
, 21 May 2015
Hong Kong activists influence migrant workers in nearby Guangdong to demand enforcement of China’s labor laws
David Dapice
, 19 May 2015
The TPP would deepen trade and corporate regulation for 12 Pacific Rim nations
John D. Ciorciari
, 14 May 2015
UN hybrid tribunal in danger of becoming irrelevant as donor nations overlook Cambodian government’s interference
Alistair Burnett
, 12 May 2015
The UK may set conditions for EU on immigration – or go its own way, losing global influence
Deepak Gopinath
, 7 May 2015
Low energy prices lock the world into fossil-fuel consumption and infrastructure – new taxes could encourage alternative
David M. Lampton
, 5 May 2015
China’s president has dominant role in foreign policy, but coordination on decision-making could be lacking
Murray Hiebert
, 30 April 2015
Vietnam tries to balance ties between Washington and Beijing – and avoid conflict in the South China Sea
Robert A. Manning
, 28 April 2015
Iranians are eager to end sanctions, but a divided bureaucracy could block deal to curb the nuclear program