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Dien Luong
, 4 February 2016
Vietnam’s cautious, conservative leader may be authoritarian, but cannot ignore public opinion on US or China
Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
, 2 February 2016
Europe, cultural identity under attack, must regroup and form grand strategy to battle extremism at home and abroad
Frank Ching
, 28 January 2016
China, detaining Hong Kong booksellers, demonstrates insecurity, willingness to enforce its laws across borders
Joji Sakurai
, 26 January 2016
Globalized demands for justice elicit national apologies: Abe’s for WWII sex slavery, Blair’s for Iraq War intelligence
Farok J. Contractor
, 21 January 2016
Frugality and risk-taking in Chinese culture make for heady mix – and gyrations for global markets
Mohammed Ayoob
, 19 January 2016
The Iran nuclear deal was supposed to ease tensions, but Saudi Arabia seems frantic to antagonize its rival
Richard D. Lamm
, 14 January 2016
Climate change promises disruptions, and nations must develop policies to manage waves of refugees
Richard Weitz
, 12 January 2016
China and Russia increasingly achieve geopolitical gains, catching the West off-guard, with mix of hybrid tactics
Shim Jae Hoon
, 7 January 2016
North Korea’s Kim regime openly challenges its leading benefactor, China, by claiming miniature hydrogen bomb test
Chris Miller
, 5 January 2016
Federal Reserve lifted interest rates for first time since 2007, aiming for normalization; emerging markets may struggle
Joseph Chamie
, 22 December 2015
Government policies must address a declining potential support ratio, workers to retirees, to promote economic and social well-being
Zeena Johar and Xue Ying Hwang
, 17 December 2015
World’s two most populous nations must remedy gaps in health care to realize their full economic potential
Scott Barrett
, 15 December 2015
COP21 agreement in Paris endorses voluntary approach for developing innovative policies, enforcement mechanisms, technologies
David Dapice
, 10 December 2015
Politics, not economics, curtails smart investments to prevent climate change
David C. Rapoport
, 8 December 2015
Islamic State strategy shifts from territorial control territory to random attacks, drawing over-reaction and recruits
Chris Miller
, 3 December 2015
The anti-ISIS coalition of many divided special interests will struggle to end the war in Syria
Isabel Hilton
, 1 December 2015
China, no longer balking on steps to stem climate change, leads emerging economies on reducing emissions
James Cuno
, 26 November 2015
The world must find ways to intervene and protect antiquities when nation-states cannot do so
Ashkhen Kazaryan
, 24 November 2015
Russia strayed from globalization, and the West can help encourage the nation to return to the fold
Mohammed Ayoob
, 19 November 2015
The international community must support the local forces motivated to defeat Islamic State: Kurds and Iran