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Chris Miller
, 8 December 2016
OPEC and Russia agree to limit production, but deal may not hold – Saudi influence fades as oil cartel loses dominance
Mark Harrison
, 6 December 2016
Taiwan issue underscores limits of power for the US and China – and the calcification of international policymaking
Stephen S. Roach
, 1 December 2016
Trump dismisses TPP, but could pursue another big opportunity – the US-China Bilateral Investment Treaty
Branko Milanovic
, 29 November 2016
Populists blame Asia’s high growth rates for economic woes rather than policies that reinforce inequality at home
Richard Weitz
, 24 November 2016
Globalization is under assault, claims Russia, from a Western-dominated world order with benefits limited to a few
Anthony Rowley
, 22 November 2016
At the APEC meeting, China hustles to replace the TPP free-trade agreement with its own versions
Humphrey Hawksley
, 17 November 2016
International law requires the consent of all parties, but China and the US reject when decisions cross short-term strategic interests
Marc Grossman
, 15 November 2016
China-US collaboration on infrastructure projects in Asia could reduce extremism, improve relations and help companies
David Dapice
, 10 November 2016
Trump wins contentious US election for president, but globalization loses with a bitterly divided electorate
Chris Miller
, 8 November 2016
US reluctance to intervene in Syria lifted Iran, leaving opening for Russia to rebalance the Middle East
Frank Ching
, 3 November 2016
China’s Communist Party gives Xi Jinping new title,“core" of leadership, to speed economic and military reforms
Joseph Chamie
, 1 November 2016
Africa, by far the world's most rapidly growing region, must aim for population stabilization to ensure peace
Ajai Gaur and Ram Mudambi
, 27 October 2016
Fear of trade overlooks that most value creation in advanced economies is based on services, not manufacturing
Shim Jae Hoon
, 25 October 2016
China props up belligerent North Korea, driving South Korea to tighten ties with Japan and the US
Murray Hiebert
, 20 October 2016
Duterte’s belligerence toward the US alters strategic environment, but China may not budge on South China Sea
Bruce Stokes
, 18 October 2016
Pew Global Attitudes Survey: Indians, Chinese are content with growing integration of their nations into world economy
Richard Weitz
, 13 October 2016
UN success rests in commitment to common values, but China, Russia and the US differ on globalization
Susan Froetschel
, 11 October 2016
With growing global population and urbanization comes more waste; governments, companies hunt for sustainable solutions
Euston Quah and Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
, 6 October 2016
Game theory techniques, regarding pollution control as infrastructure, could end haze over Indonesia’s palm oil industry
Satu Limaye and Robert Sutter
, 4 October 2016
East-West Center report identifies five trends in Asian reactions on anti-trade stances of US presidential candidates