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Sumit Ganguly
, 30 September 2014
Promoting prosperity and national security for India requires robust foreign policy from Modi
David Brown
, 25 September 2014
Blocking China’s salami-slicing tactics on the South China Sea require region-wide cooperation
Tansen Sen
, 23 September 2014
China harkens the Silk Road in foreign policy initiatives, but the history is less benign
Paula Kavathas
, 18 September 2014
To combat Ebola, other infectious diseases, the US could impose $3 tax on international air travel
Chris Miller
, 16 September 2014
Putin, striving to wield influence over former Soviet states, must compete with EU and rising China
George Chen
, 11 September 2014
China fears democracy contagion to the mainland if true universal suffrage were allowed in Hong Kong
Will Hickey
, 9 September 2014
Struggle of countries like Argentina for orderly default mired in Western financial and legal system
Harold Hongju Koh
, 4 September 2014
A maze of domestic and international law complicates how the US fights Islamic State terrorists
Shashank Joshi
, 2 September 2014
Sunni-Shia divide complicates US, UK uniting regional coalition to fight Islamic State terrorists
Marc Grossman
, 28 August 2014
Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India agree to move on 1,700-kilometer natural gas pipeline
Joji Sakurai
, 26 August 2014
In separate quests for beauty and perfection, Japanese and Italians are lulled into provincial trapt
Husain Haqqani
, 21 August 2014
Pakistan cannot afford India as lasting enemy, yet agitators won’t let leaders make peace
Marisol Ruiz
, 19 August 2014
Border crises flare as government policies neglect inequality, family planning and gender mainstreaming
J. Peter Pham
, 14 August 2014
The US is among many nations courting a confident Africa on aid, trade and natural resources
Bertil Lintner
, 12 August 2014
Tensions run high over Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea, as ASEAN fails to reach consensus
Hakan Altinay
, 7 August 2014
Easy win projected for Turkey’s popular prime minister – despite protests against his autocratic style
Philippe Legrain
, 5 August 2014
Europe fails to deliver opportunity, and a lost generation is in the making
Branko Milanovic
, 31 July 2014
Asia’s middle classes, poor by US or EU standards, are globalization’s winners
Harsh V. Pant
, 29 July 2014
Nationalist leaders in Japan and India link forces amid concern over aggressive Chinese policies
David R. Cameron
, 24 July 2014
Local conflict in Ukraine takes global victim, and Russia plays politics with tragedy