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Will Hickey
, 3 March 2015
Global investors follow every move of central banks, trading currency – steady hands are needed
Azeem Ibrahim
, 26 February 2015
The US and Europe fail to summon the courage to criticize Saudi Arabia or toxic Wahhabism
Peter C. Perdue
, 24 February 2015
Asia Inside Out Project resists history’s attraction to national borders by studying shifts over five centuries
Joji Sakurai
, 19 February 2015
Youth confronting poverty, unemployment, social disdain grasp at extremists’ promises of a higher mission
Paula Kavathas
, 17 February 2015
The World Health Organization may not reach its goal to eliminate measles by 2020
David R. Cameron
, 12 February 2015
French, German, Russian, Ukrainian leaders announce ceasefire, but that may not end Russia’s controlling ways
Edward J. Lincoln
, 10 February 2015
Quantitative easing has eased Japanese deflation, but Abenomics stumbles on stimulus and reforms
Chris Miller
, 5 February 2015
Tunisia succeeded where Libya, Egypt, Syria failed – with compromise, avoidance of sectarian politics, and no external meddling
Wang Yiwei
, 3 February 2015
China pursues a non-alliance policy, in no way obliged to follow Russia on confrontation with the West
Frank Griffel
, 29 January 2015
Muslims have become easy scapegoat for economic worries in Germany – and elsewhere in Europe
Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
, 27 January 2015
The EU doubles-down on debt – but with new strategies for job creation, sustainability and innovation
Vikram Mansharamani
, 22 January 2015
The world’s two biggest democracies do not reach full potential on trade or other common interests
Immanuel Wallerstein
, 20 January 2015
Encyclopedias tend to shrink the past, revealing a society’s limited understanding of the world
Stathis N. Kalyvas
, 15 January 2015
Greatest threat of Paris terror attacks: Panic and limits on democratic rights and freedoms
Will Hickey
, 13 January 2015
Removing consumer fuel subsidies amid collapsing oil prices could prove wrong-way bet for many nations
Environment News Service
, 12 January 2015
US will vote against development grants. loans with weak environmental or human-rights protections
Alistair Burnett
, 8 January 2015
As the global balance of power shifts, more countries try out hard power
Chris Miller
, 6 January 2015
Oil importing nations celebrate while the exporters scramble to balance budgets and keep markets
Andreas Kuersten
, 1 January 2015
As France shelves contract with Russia for two warships, allies could help find new ports for Mistrals
Susan Froetschel
, 18 December 2014
Governments seek aid for refugees, but want to prevent charitable donations from slipping into extremists' hands