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David Dapice
, 21 April 2014
TPP critics are many: China, environmentalists, workers, politicians worry about corporate interests supplanting national control
Pallavi Aiyar
, 17 April 2014
Democracy in India and Indonesia is exuberant – but coalition governance struggles to address challenges
Riaz Hassan
, 15 April 2014
Demographics require Pakistan to seek stable Afghanistan with power-sharing among ethnic groups
Arch Roberts
, 10 April 2014
Perhaps its nuclear capability, and not so much sanctions, brought Iran to the negotiating table
Will Hickey
, 8 April 2014
Governments refuse to tally true costs of fossil fuels and fail to escape industry dependence
Barry Mirkin
, 3 April 2014
Governments must prepare for diverse rates of fertility, urbanization and aging population – all happening simultaneously
Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
, 1 April 2014
Saudi Arabia is vexed at shifting balance of power as the US transforms into its competitor
Thomas Graham
, 27 March 2014
Russia seeks global stature – the West must deal with Putin’s world and support Ukraine
Anna Beth Keim
, 26 March 2014
Opposition’s use of social media tarnishes Erdoğan government, but short-term change is unlikely
David R. Cameron
, 25 March 2014
Putin ignores western sanctions as annexation of Crimea is regarded in Russian national interest
Marc Grossman
, 20 March 2014
Afghans have made great strides since 2001 – April election is a fight for the future
Carlyle A. Thayer
, 18 March 2014
ASEAN and China tussle over how to resolve dispute over the South China Sea
Ashok Bardhan
, 13 March 2014
Confounded by off-shoring and technology, macro-management does not produce job growth
Strobe Talbott
, 11 March 2014
By redrawing Ukrainian borders and setting a precedent, Russia could be eventual loser
Joseph Chamie
, 6 March 2014
After centuries of male dominance in higher education, women outnumber men in attendance, graduation rates
Raluca Besliu
, 4 March 2014
In rebuff to EU, Romania sells resources to China for a bit of trade
David R. Cameron
, 27 February 2014
Struggling Ukraine must repair frayed ties with Russia, seek help from all corners
Joseph LaPalombara
, 25 February 2014
Youthful, telegenic, populist Matteo Renzi takes on prime minister role in Italy
James Leitner and Ian Shapiro
, 20 February 2014
Global markets would cheer if the US president ignores debt-ceiling law
Stephen S. Roach
, 18 February 2014
China is striving for new economic balance and self-reliance, and the US should do the same