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Harsh V. Pant
, 29 September 2016
The once-powerful Non-Aligned Movement’s struggle to remain relevant was evident in failed summit in Venezuela
Joseph Chamie
, 27 September 2016
Policy planning requires new assumptions about migration in a densely populated world with conflict and climate change
Bertil Lintiner
, 22 September 2016
Bhutan may be in the middle of a power play between regional rivals – long-time protector India and China
Bennett Ramberg
, 20 September 2016
North Korea’s series of nuclear detonations and missile tests requires new diplomatic strategies – perhaps even liaison offices
Pranab Bardhan
, 15 September 2016
An economist offers a path forward for liberals to respond to rising right-wing anger and populism
Dilip Hiro
, 13 September 2016
Death of Karimov, ruler for 27 years, won’t end Uzbekistan’s exploiting its geostrategic location in Central Asia
Harry J. Kazianis
, 8 September 2016
China may view a divisive US election as an opportunity to control contested features in the South China Sea
Chris Miller
, 6 September 2016
G20 leaders, many embattled and questioned at home, struggle to manage globalization or explain its rewards
Satu Limaye
, 1 September 2016
The US has strengthened political, cultural, commercial ties with ASEAN that will last long after Obama leaves office
François Godement
, 30 August 2016
G20 agenda hints at China’s vision for global order with focus on long-term rather than immediate concerns
Harsh V. Pant
, 25 August 2016
Modi no longer holds back criticism on Pakistan’s troubles in Balochistan – which also stings China
Frank Ching
, 23 August 2016
Most of Asia stays mum as a confident China gets its own way while avoiding conflict
David Dapice
, 18 August 2016
Britain moves slowly on EU exit – every new freedom negotiated will decrease access to the common market
Bruce Stokes
, 16 August 2016
Pew Research Center survey in 15 nations: Obama is tough act to follow, Clinton is more trusted than Trump
Börje Ljunggren
, 11 August 2016
China’s stimulus push during 2008 financial crisis protected jobs worldwide, but now threatens steel and aluminum industries
Chris Miller
, 9 August 2016
The European Union closes ranks and wins new support as voters learn that Brexit carries high costs
Joseph Chamie and Barry Mirkin
, 4 August 2016
Climate change, shrinking resources, conflict ensure ongoing migration – and governments cannot afford to ignore the challenges
Humphrey Hawksley
, 2 August 2016
Extreme fixes proposed for democracy’s faltering economies and an ineffective political class that’s out of touch
Joji Sakurai
, 28 July 2016
Eurosceptic rhetoric among Hungary, Poland and other Central Europe EU newcomers belies strong attachments
Nandan Nilekani
, 26 July 2016
The India Stack – connecting bank accounts, unique ID numbers and mobile phones – will deliver massive productivity in services