The Atlantic: Mosques Want to Offer Sanctuary, But Will Anyone Accept?

As the Trump administration implements hardline immigration policies, which were a driving force of his campaign, hundreds of places of worship across the United States have declared themselves “sanctuary congregations,” meaning they will offer protection to undocumented immigrants facing deportation. In January, a Cincinnati mosque declared itself a sanctuary congregation, but rescinded the title after receiving violent threats. The imam reports that the mosque is offering material and spiritual support to undocumented immigrants, but not sanctuary, given that Muslims are just as marginalized in the United States and undocumented immigrants report they might not feel safe in a mosque. The multitude of religious and ethnic groups in the United States are listening to the political rhetoric, observing news reports and trying to figure out how they fit into Trump’s political calculus. – YaleGlobal

The Atlantic: Mosques Want to Offer Sanctuary, But Will Anyone Accept?

Ohio mosque retracts offer of sanctuary for immigrants after threats; ethnic groups monitor news, determine how they fit into US political calculus
Sigal Samuel
Friday, February 24, 2017

Sigal Samuel is an associate editor at The Atlantic, covering religion and global affairs.                   

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