BBC News: Is the US Facing a Constitutional Crisis?

After a US judge has blocked a US executive order banning travelers from seven predominately Muslim countries as well as all refugees, President Donald Trump criticized the judge for putting the naton in “peril” and questioned his authority. “The separation of powers is crucial to understanding how the US is governed,” explains BBC News. “The country's constitution established its treasured system of checks and balances - where the different branches of government hold equal authority and offset one another.” Trump’s critics label disrespect for a court decision as “dangerous.” Polarization in the United States is disrupting government work and policymaking. For example, the travel ban case could go to the US Supreme Court, with four Republicans and four Democrats after Senate Republicans refused to vote on former President Barack Obama’s nominee throughout 2016. The US president as commander in chief has wide latitude over security and immigration matters, yet evidence is lacking that the seven countries listed for the travel ban pose threats for the US. The US has three branches of government and crisis will emerge if the executive branch ignores orders from the judicial branch. – YaleGlobal

BBC News: Is the US Facing a Constitutional Crisis?

Donald Trump's words says he is defending the United States from terrorism - but a lashes out at "so-called judge" for "making the job very difficult"
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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