Is Big Data Turning Government Into Big Brother?

Privacy advocates have long been concerned about the US National Security Agency collecting data on US citizens and foreigners. Recent reports that Verizon and likely other US telecommunications firms are handing over phone logs stir new concerns about surveillance activities started under the George W. Bush administration. Individuals who use digital devices leave digital trails, reports Michael Liedtke of the Associated Press. Internet firms are also handing over data on emails, photos and searchers. While the phone data are described as lacking specific content, analysts can quickly make connections, the AP article notes. The reports on recent US collections, published in the Guardian in London, have revived debate over Big Data, the emerging science that uses technology to analyze massive data collections not just by government but by marketing, health, insurance, finance, security and other industries. Individuals freely give up privacy by using phones with tracking mechanisms, clicking about on internet searches, posting details on social media, responding to health questions for insurers, using bank cards to make purchases, and so much more. – YaleGlobal

Is Big Data Turning Government Into Big Brother?

US government aggressively collects data inside and outside the US; big-data collection, analysis is big business for health, finance and other industries
Michael Liedtke
Friday, June 7, 2013
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