Caixin: Chinese Drone Maker to Supply Dubai with Self-Flying Taxis

Dubai, with a population of 2.7 million, is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and traffic congestion is a major complaint. The Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority is planning to allow remote-controlled drones work as taxis, and Chinese drone maker EHang Inc. announced “it will supply passenger-carrying drones to Dubai, which is aiming to become in July the world’s first city to allow such vehicles,” reports Caixin Global. The battery-powered drones that resemble miniature helicopters can carry 117 kilograms, or 257 pounds, and are controlled by a command center on the ground. “The introduction of self-flying passenger drones is part of Dubai’s plan to create a smart city by 2030, when 25% of its transport will be automated.” Planners expect the drones to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Airbus and Israel’s Urban Aeronautics are also developing passenger drones. As more drones take to the skies, cities must develop regulations around flight patterns and other safety issues, licensing, insurance, enforcement, noise and privacy concerns. – YaleGlobal

Caixin: Chinese Drone Maker to Supply Dubai with Self-Flying Taxis

Automated transportation continues its march: Dubai, city of 2.7 million, is planning for drone taxis, supplied by China’s EHang, to operate in summer 2017
Coco Feng
Friday, February 17, 2017
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