Caixin: Hunger for Homegrown Content Helps Chinese TV Shows Edge Past Foreign Rivals

The Chinese are eager for television shows about China, and development of new content – reality shows, game shows, gossip shows and more – attracts millions of yuan in investments. “After years of being accused of ripping off foreign television hits, Chinese variety show producers have started scripting their own templates to feed the hunger for homegrown content,” reports Cai Tongxu for Caixin. “Dwindling viewership for foreign adaptations and favorable policies supporting domestic production houses are fueling this trend.” A 2016 government rule limited satellite television stations from broadcasting more than one foreign-format show each year. The number of Chinese-produced shows have climbed from 10 in 2005 to more than 250 last year, and many tap into Chinese values and interests ranging from filial piety and dependability to poetry. The shows spur new consumer trends – one show on pet care, “Stand by Me,” is so popular that Chinese pet owners reach out to US acquaintances to send specific leashes, pet t-shirts and other products. But excessive consumerism – celebrity demands for high wages and expectatons by advertisers for product placement – could ruin the bonanza. Also, the government can intervene at any time and did just that by ending a show featuring children of celebrities. – YaleGlobal

Caixin: Hunger for Homegrown Content Helps Chinese TV Shows Edge Past Foreign Rivals

Chinese interest in foreign TV shows drops, and the number of domestic-produced shows climbs, driving new consumption patterns
Cai Tongxu
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
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