Charsadda Attack: It Is Time to Ask Pakistan Army Some Hard Questions

Militants stormed Bacha Khan University in northwestern Pakistan, killing at least 20 and injuring 60. A Pakistan Taliban official quickly claimed and then withdrew responsibility. The attack comes just after a year after 134 were killed at a school in nearby Peshawar. Pakistan endures repeated attacks on schools as symbols of progress and idea centers. Pakistan must confront the extremism in its midst and not look for scapegoats, argues Umer Ali for the Nation. The essay expresses frustration and despair about Pakistan’s response to extremism: “It is about time we asked Pakistani military some hard questions. It's no longer the era of patriotic anthems and keeping our mouths shut with the arguments such as ‘fouj ka waqar,’ amidst serious security questions.” Pakistan’s investments in defense may come with diminishing returns, and perhaps attention should turn to economic and cultural endeavors to achieve security at home. – YaleGlobal

Charsadda Attack: It Is Time to Ask Pakistan Army Some Hard Questions

Whatever the military demanded, Pakistan’s government gave – from military courts to foreign policy, all is under army control – but what are the results?
Umer Ali
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Umer Ali is an Islamabad-based journalist who reads and writes about Pakistan and its history. He aspires to see a tolerant and progressive Pakistan.


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