China Toughens Restrictions on Internet Use

New rules in China require internet users to prove real names. Also, service providers must police forbidden postings and file reports with the authorities, reports Keith Bradsher for the New York Times. Users can still post to the internet with fake names, but service providers are expected to maintain lists of real names. The new rules could slow online debate. “In recent weeks, Internet users in China have exposed a series of sexual and financial scandals that have led to the resignations or dismissals of at least 10 local officials,” Bradsher reports. “International news media have also published a series of reports in recent months on the accumulation of wealth by the family members of China’s leaders…” The Chinese must show IDs to purchase mobile phones, and providers increasingly block VPNs – virtual public networks common among businesses, universities and others for protecting sensitive information. The government intends for no secrets to elude its watch. – YaleGlobal

China Toughens Restrictions on Internet Use

Government denies it’s trying to stifle online debate, but requires mobile phone customers to show ID, use real names when signing up with service providers
Keith Bradsher
Friday, January 4, 2013

 Click here for the article in the New York Times.

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