CNN: Putin Warns Against “Intimidating” North Korea After Latest Missile Launch

North Korea tested another missile – its most successful yet, traveling more than 750 kilometers and landing near Russia, though the US and Russia disagree over just how that close. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin condemned the launch as dangerous but warned against “intimidating” North Korea. Some analysts suggest that the missile launched at another trajectory could have reached US bases in Guam. Russia and China have diplomatic relations with North Korea and both backed a recent UN Security Council resolution demanding that the isolated country cease missile and nuclear testing. “While Russia and North Korea don't have strong trade ties, they are building on their economic relationship,” reports the article from CNN. “New ferry services are running between the countries and Russia has given permission for some 50,000 North Koreans to carry out manual work on projects in Russia.” The United States contends that strategic patience has not worked, but many analysts support diplomacy and express concern about use of military force against a country that borders South Korea, China and Russia and is also very close to Japan. The UN Security Council meets Tuesday. – YaleGlobal

CNN: Putin Warns Against “Intimidating” North Korea After Latest Missile Launch

North Korea conducts a successful missile test, trying the patience of neighbors and the UN Security Council – igniting a debate over diplomacy versus force
James Griffiths, Matthew Chance and Steve George
Monday, May 15, 2017
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