Cuba First High-Speed Internet Connection Activated

Cuba is now connected to the global internet with high-speed cable, and that could invigorate public debate and political criticism. The country has delayed the rollout to control connections and also blamed the US trade embargo for failure to hook up to US cables. Venezuela shipped the $70 million cable nearly two years ago, reports BBC News. “Investments will first have to be made in Cuba's infrastructure, [the state telecom firm] Etecsa says, so that access can be increased ‘gradually’ and for ‘social purposes,’” reports BBC News. “Despite a number of obstacles and restrictions, though, a blogging community of both dissidents and government supporters is flourishing in Cuba.” University, medical and research personnel will likely get access to high-speed internet first. About one out of four of more than 11 million Cubans are online via slow satellite links and the country’s censored intranet, which limits individual access to state-run media and work purposes. – YaleGlobal

Cuba First High-Speed Internet Connection Activated

Cuba has been connected to the global internet for the first time with a high-speed cable, according to state telecom company Etecsa
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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