Deutsche Welle: Trump Has Europe Concerned Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The US president is signaling an opinion that Iran is not complying with the nuclear deal in place since 2015. Without providing specifics, the US ambassador to the United Nations suggests that the United States has technical reasons for ending the agreement, though these would “contradict the information provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency,” reports Kersten Knipp for Deutsche Welle. The IAEA has “declared that Iran was sticking to the terms of the deal, and that Tehran had not engaged in any uranium enrichment beyond the permitted levels.” The US Senate must certify Iran’s compliance in October, and the US secretaries of state and defense as well as some senators warn that rejecting Iran’s efforts would “generate a self-created crisis.” Europe rejects an end to the agreement and seeks to avoid more disruptions to the Middle East including violence and refugees. If the deal were to end, Iran would have every reason to resume its nuclear program, encouraging others in the region to also seek nuclear weapons. – YaleGlobal

Deutsche Welle: Trump Has Europe Concerned Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The US is distancing itself from the Iran nuclear deal, and Europe questions insistence that Tehran has been violating the agreement, without concrete
Kersten Knipp
Thursday, September 7, 2017
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