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WNSA: “We’d Rather Be Called Re-Emerging Powers”

Some officials in Asia are bristling at the label “emerging,” especially when used by western media to describe nations like India and China with their long histories. Instead, “these countries [are]in the process of restoring the historical norm in the international hierarchy and distribution of power,” notes the Hindu Times. According to the report, India’s National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon suggested that “Re-emerging powers would be less condescending.” He and representatives from China maintain that restoring balance of power around the globe could reduce rather than add to conflict. “It is natural that those who worry about readjustment of power look to instruments of global governance to prevent it,” Menon said, speaking at the Munich Security Conference. “The world suffers from a deficit of global governance.” Global challenges such as cyber-security, space exploration, food security and climate change require global governance. A representative from Nigeria also spoke up, reminding the Asians that any re-balancing in global organizations should also include Africa. – YaleGlobal

WNSA: “We’d Rather Be Called Re-Emerging Powers”

India’s national Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon questions the use of the term “emerging” to describe nations with long histories; instead the countries are restoring power and are “re-emerging”
The Hindu Times, 18 February 2013
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