The Guardian: Giant Portrait of Toddler Peers Over US-Mexico Border Wall

French Artist JR erected a huge photo of an amused toddler gripping the top of the US border wall with Mexico and surveying the territory below, “leaving the impression the entire thing could be toppled with a giggle,” according to the Associated Press. The artwork prompts discussion about proposals to extend the wall the full length of the border, about 2000 miles, and was unveiled the same week that the US president announced an end to a program that allowed young and undocumented immigrants, brought to the country as children, to work and attend school. JR’s work focuses on immigration as a theme including the refugees who cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe. “For artists and activists, the 650 miles of existing wall and fencing between the US and Mexico has long been a blank canvas,” reports the Associated Press article. “Musicians have played simultaneously on both sides. A giant wooden Trojan-style horse was once parked near a crossing in Tijuana. There have been volleyball games and church services held simultaneously on each side of the border.” The photograph will remain in Tecate for one month. – YaleGlobal

The Guardian: Giant Portrait of Toddler Peers Over US-Mexico Border Wall

A huge cutout of the boy installed by French artist JR along the US-Mexico border wall prompts discussion of immigration and emphasizes a shared humanity
Sunday, September 10, 2017
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