The Guardian: “We Are International, We Are Everywhere” - Women Unite in Global Strike

Women in more than 50 nations celebrated International Women’s Day by donning red or black, going on strike from work or school, donating to programs that support women’s issues, meeting for discussions about women’s issues, or patronizing businesses owned by women. “From Thailand to Poland, the United States to Australia, the first International Women’s Strike will see action on both the industrial and domestic fronts, with participants keen to show solidarity with an energised global women’s movement,” report Alexandra Topping and Molly Redden. “The theme for 2017’s International Women’s Day – which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – is #BeBoldForChange.” Many men joined the activities to promote equal pay for equal work, an end to violence against women, workplace protections and reproductive health rights. The article notes, “The day of action comes amid a recognition among campaigners that mass, headline-grabbing actions are the key to furthering the cause of women’s rights around the world.” – YaleGlobal

The Guardian: “We Are International, We Are Everywhere” - Women Unite in Global Strike

International Women’s Day 2017 set to be one of the most political yet, with women in more than 50 countries downloading tools
Alexandra Topping and Molly Redden
Thursday, March 9, 2017

Alexandra Topping is a news reporter for the Guardian. Molly Redden is a senior reporter focusing on gender equality. She previously reported for Mother Jones, the New Republic and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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