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Huawei Hits Back Over US “Security Threat” Claim

The telecom firm Huawei has gone on the defensive against foreign politicians who label it a security threat, with company officials suggesting that the firm is targeted because it’s Chinese, reports Rory Cellan-Jones for the BBC News. The company has grown rapidly since it began in 1987, and security concerns are spreading, too. “UK's Intelligence and Security Committee, chaired by former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, is currently looking at Huawei to try and understand what the risks might be and assess what measures have been taken to deal with them,” BBC News reports. “Australia barred Huawei from a role in building its national broadband network, citing the importance of maintaining the security of its vital infrastructure.” Worries stem from China being named as a source for cyber-security threats; the BBC report details no specific evidence on Huawei. The Chinese regard the charges as a form of protectionism. Major telecommunications firms hire thousands of employees. Suspicions about one firm could drive new competition on security. – YaleGlobal

Huawei Hits Back Over US “Security Threat” Claim

Huawei insists that security is a priority, that the firm is targeted because it’s Chinese and that with investigations stem from protectionism
Rory Cellan-Jones
BBC News, 12 December 2012
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Rory Cellan-Jones is technology correspondent

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