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IAEA: Iran Ready to Double Uranium Enrichment

A leaked report from the International Atomic Energy Agency report, which regularly inspects an Iran underground facility near Qom, suggests that Iran could soon double the number of centrifuges operating at an underground uranium-enrichment facility to 1400 from 700, reports the BBC News. The plant has more than 2700 centrifuges, and Iran claims its program is for energy and peaceful purposes. The report described cascades of centrifuges in operation, vacuum testing of centrifuges, and the level of enrichment being achieved. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons maintains that nations have a right to pursue nuclear development for civilian purposes – yet apparently, enrichment levels of uranium for civilian uses can be increased to weapons grade within a number of months. The leaked report reveals questions and ongoing uncertainty on Iran’s nuclear research. – YaleGlobal

IAEA: Iran Ready to Double Uranium Enrichment

Iran is ready to double output at its Fordo underground uranium enrichment facility, nuclear watchdog IAEA says
BBC News , 20 November 2012
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The IAEA organizes cooperation on nuclear energy.

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