The Indian Express: Where Things Stand on the Dolam Plateau

In June, China increased roadbuilding activity in a disputed territory of the Dolam plateau in the Doklam area, and India soon intervened with troops. “The standoff began after the Chinese started work on extending an unmetalled track in Bhutanese territory, and were prevented by Indian troops," reports Sushant Singh for the Indian Express. "Bhutan and India believe the Chinese have an eye on the Jampheri ridge to the south, a feature of enormous strategic significance,” India seeks negotiations, and China seeks withdrawal of Indian troops before talks begin. Singh's article includes a map and details the dispute based on competing interpretations of the 1890 Calcutta Convention between Britain and China. As explained in a 2016 YaleGlobal article, Bhutan and India have long had ties, while China has accelerated a charm offensive including economic investment. A 2007 treaty between India and Bhutan states ““Neither government shall allow the use of its territory for activities harmful to the national security and interests of the other.” – YaleGlobal

The Indian Express: Where Things Stand on the Dolam Plateau

Indian troops put a stop to Chinese road-building in Dolam plateau in a disputed Doklam area of Bhutan, but China is determined that Indian troops withdraw
Sushant Singh
Monday, July 24, 2017
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