The Korea Herald: Seoul’s Plans to Raise Heat on NK Hit Roadblock in Russia

Nuclear-armed North Korea poses a grave threat to South Korea. North Korea seeks to reunite with South Korea with the Kim regime in charge. South Korea, the world's 11th largest economy, thrives while North Korea does not rank among the world's top hundred economies. China and Russia help supply North Korea, and security analysts suggest that the two countries are key to restraining North Korea's nuclear activities - the most recent claimed to be a test of hydrogen bomb warheads attached to intercontinental ballistic missiles.South Korea's Moon Jae-in is trying to increase pressure on North Korea, but that requires support from China and Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ruled out more sanctions or end of energy supplies, reports the Korea Herald. Russia hints it may go along with a US draft resolution with limits. China and Russia view North Korea as a way to needle the United States and resist any notion that Kim could quickly redirect his belligerent demands against them. - YaleGlobal

The Korea Herald: Seoul's Plans to Raise Heat on NK Hit Roadblock in Russia

South Korea's President Moon would like to impose more pressure against North Korea and its nuclear activities, but Russian President Putin balks at more sanctions or cutting off energy supplies
Choi He-suk
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
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