Los Angeles Times: Muslim and Latino Groups Unite During Ramadan

Activists are seeking to unite Muslim and Latino communities in Orange County, California, and joined in organizing an event to celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan with Taco Trucks at Every Mosque. “Organizers said the idea is to demystify Islam through the sharing of food and to unite two groups, Muslims and Latinos, facing increasing discrimination in the Trump era,” reports Anh Do for the Los Angeles Times. “They invited community members to sit down together after sunset – and the breaking of the day’s fast – with a meal called iftar.” The two groups expect to explore how faith unites communities while sharing common values like forgiveness while discouraging hate crimes. The event demonstrated the overall diversity in California as well as the diversity among the Muslim and Latino communities. One student attending the event explained that she welcomes diverse communities for invigorating and empowering people and building compassion. Another noted, “There's nothing better than two sides coming together to cure evil thoughts about each other." – YaleGlobal

Los Angeles Times: Muslim and Latino Groups Unite During Ramadan

Activists in Orange County, California, organize Taco Trucks at Every Mosque, to break Ramadan fast and unite two minority groups who have been disparaged
Anh Do
Tuesday, June 6, 2017
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