N Korea Sets Stark Policy Test for China

International observers had hoped that the Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader since 2011, would be less belligerent and more open to cooperation with neighboring countries. Instead, the country has launched a nuclear test, in violation of international law, once again challenging China, its key ally: “[T]he relationship has started to fray after a series of diplomatic snubs by Pyongyang since [Un] came to power a year ago,” writes Leslie Hook for Financial Times. “The deteriorating ties led to China’s decision to support a fresh round of UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea last month.” The UN Security Council has condemned the test by North Korea, which is already under three rounds of sanctions, and a new round of sanctions could be imposed soon. China, described as alone in holding leverage over North Korea, is a source of food, energy and other economic aid. The conundrum is how to punish or reason with an angry, isolated and nuclear-armed authoritarian state. – YaleGlobal

N Korea Sets Stark Policy Test for China

The world looks to China – a major source of economic aid – to discipline Kim Jong Un regime for its latest nuclear test
Leslie Hook
Wednesday, February 13, 2013
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