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New Media and the Arab Spring

Militants of the Arab Spring uprisings this year proved adept at using internet activism in confronting repressive regimes. Opposition leaders built support online, and inflammatory sites drew thousands of posts and served as forums for organizers and their followers. Protesters found community and strength in numbers online, and social networking sites, used recreationally in the West, became powerful tools in the hands of activists. However, governments can also use the internet to track activists and spread propaganda, or they can develop a “kill switch” that shuts down communications, reports Michael Teague for Al Jadid. Internet literacy and the flurry of protests in the Middle East caught technologically unsophisticated governments off guard. But a year later, the element of surprise is gone. Traditional grassroots activism and great personal sacrifice of all kinds are still essential for overthrowing unresponsive and ruthless regimes. – YaleGlobal

New Media and the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring uprisings may have looked quick and easy, but the element of surprise is gone; traditional grassroots activism remains essential
Michael Teague
Al Jadid, 21 March 2012
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24 March 2012
facebook is for fools. A moment of narcissism, a lifetime of regret.
You give up
your right to be different things to different people
your right to privacy from past, future, present employers, from health insurance companies mining data for unhealthy signs, from car insurers for dangerous behavior, from burglars waiting for you to leave on that trip you are boasting about, from malevolent governments trawling for unamerican or unisraeli thought, etc etc etc.
I cannot believe the stupidity of it all. As stupid as the sheeple rushing to smoke a generation ago. Its all the rage so lets do it. Not a thought. Celebrity wannabee trumps rational thought and an understanding of history. Read your George Orwell sheeple.
-scientella , palo alto