The New York Times: More Than 1,000 Died in South Asia Floods This Summer

South Asia is enduring severe flooding with the death toll this summer at more than 1000 and climbing. Monsoon rains pummeled the region since June and are expected to continue through the end of September. Jeffrey Gettleman for the New York Times describes relentless rain. “And while flooding in the Houston area has grabbed more attention, aid officials say a catastrophe is unfolding in South Asia,” he notes. Thousands of homes have been destroyed in Nepal, Bangladesh and India with many people displaced and disease spreading. Schools and many businesses are closed, and authorities in Mumbai urge people not to drive cars to leave room for emergency vehicles. Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populated country with 165 million people, and Gettleman points out that about a third of its terrain is flooded. Like Houstonians, the Bangladeshis are saying they have not seen such flooding in their lifetimes. – YaleGlobal

The New York Times: More Than 1,000 Died in South Asia Floods This Summer

Increased rainfall is associated with climate change, and severe flooding disrupts South Asia, leaving a death toll of more than 1000 and many more displaced
Jeffrey Gettleman
Friday, September 1, 2017

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Jeffrey Gettleman, a winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for international reporting, is The Times’s East Africa bureau chief. His work has appeared in National Geographic, GQ, Foreign Policy and The New York Review of Books. He studied philosophy at Cornell University before winning a Marshall Scholarship to study at Oxford. Based in Kenya, he is the author of “Love, Africa,” a memoirs.  Rick Gladstone and Megan Specia contributed reporting from New York.

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