Only Net Neutrality Can Protect the Internet From Becoming Like TV

The US Federal Communications Commission ruled 3 to 2 that the internet is a utility and should be regulated as such. The rules have yet to be written; appeals and litigation are expected. “Internet Service Providers want to break the internet into fast and slow lanes that sell public voice to the highest bidder,” writes Malkia Cyril in an opinion essay for the Guardian. A multi-tier system could prevent small groups who buck the corporate status quo from reaching global audiences. Their websites, forums and videos would run too slow for impatient users. “From ensuring access to quality education and health care, to strengthening opportunity for independent artists and small businesses, equal representation in a digital economy and 21st century democracy demands net neutrality protections,” Cyril argues, concluding that the “The open internet is the first and only mass communications platform to allow under-served communities to bring injustices once in the shadows to light, and speak truth to power.” Much depends on how the rules are written. Activists and major telecommunications firms will follow closely. – YaleGlobal

Only Net Neutrality Can Protect the Internet From Becoming Like TV

The internet gave marginalized groups a voice, but the US Federal Communications Commission may not keep it that way
Malkia Cyril
Friday, February 27, 2015
Malkia Cyril is the founder and executive director of the Oakland-based Center for Media Justice and co-founder of the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net), a coalition of 175 grassroots community groups that have been a driving force behind the net neutrality movement.
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