Our Failure in Somalia

Rather than help root out terrorists finding refuge in war-torn Somalia, the US support of warlords against Islamist militias has created what analyst and former US National Security Council official John Prendergast calls “an al-Qaeda recruiter’s dream.” The Islamists have gained control of the capital, and the relative security that their rule promises has swung Somalia public opinion in their favor. The US fails to find a political solution and military activity only leads to unrest and another training ground for extremists. Pendergast urges broader engagement by the US to build a functioning state apparatus in Somalia as the best approach, both for the people of that country and US national security interests. – YaleGlobal

Our Failure in Somalia

John Prendergast
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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The writer is a senior adviser to the International Crisis Group. He worked for the National Security Council during the Clinton administration.

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