President Obama Rebuilds Latin American Policy

US President Barack Obama used the seventh Summit of the Americas to mend ties with neighbors to the south. He met with Cuban President Raúl Castro on reestablishing diplomatic ties, reports Jim Wyss and Mimi Whitefield for the Miami Herald. Shortly after the summit, the Obama administration announced dropping Cuba from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. The two nations broke off ties in 1960 after then Prime Minister Fidel Castro nationalized businesses without compensation and the US imposed a trade embargo. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro complained about US sanctions against seven officials for human rights abuses against protesters but also had a brief informal meeting with Obama described as cordial.” Maduro may recognize his nation’s isolated position in light of declining oil prices and warming relations between US and Cuba could isolate Venezuela. Accusations of corruption in Brazil distracted that country’s leaders from earlier reports of US surveillance. Obama managed to reduce outright hostility, but long-term relations depend on sustainable foreign policies, cooperation on trade and restoration of trust. – YaleGlobal

President Obama Rebuilds Latin American Policy

Obama’s and Castro’s meeting at the Summit of the Americas is another step in improved relations; anti-US positions could isolate Venezuela and Bolivia
Jim Wyss and Mimi Whitefield
Friday, April 17, 2015
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