Project Syndicate: The Geopolitics of Environmental Challenges

Crises with immediate impact, including economic downturns or war, distract governments from the steady and creeping dangers of climate change. “Environmental degradation and natural-resource insecurity are undermining our ability to tackle some of the biggest global issues we face,” writes Giulio Boccaletti for Project Syndicate. “Environmental insecurity is a major, though often underestimated, contributor to global instability.” He explains how drought triggered migration to urban areas in Syria prior to the civil war. High demand for agricultural commodities often pits global consumer interests against local concerns about clean water and deforestation. About 40 percent of the world’s population rely on agriculture for employment or subsistence. He concludes that the environment should be at the center of all economic debates, and other endeavors mean little without a healthy place to live. – YaleGlobal

Project Syndicate: The Geopolitics of Environmental Challenges

Governments tend to treat climate change, other environmental crises as low priority – the environment should be at center of all economic debates
Giulio Boccaletti
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
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