Prospect Magazine: Gibraltar Dispute Is a Sign of Things to Come

As Britain prepares to formally leave the European Union, it is facing a dilemma over Gibraltar’s sovereignty. Although “EU negotiating guidelines make clear that Madrid should have a say on any agreement affecting the territory,” writes James Black for Prospect Magazine, the UK is unwilling to let go of the territory that it has held since 1713. Due to its southern location, the tiny peninsula “forms a vital part of the UK’s global military network,” Black adds. The Permanent Joint Operating Base there has assisted British, American, and NATO military forces with operations in the Middle East and North Africa. Another complication is that more than nine in ten of Gibraltar’s population voted to remain part of the EU in 2016 as well as to remain part of the UK in 2002. Ultimately, “the Gibraltarian case underscores the need for patience, calm and imaginative solutions” from Britons after leaving the EU. – YaleGlobal

Prospect Magazine: Gibraltar Dispute Is a Sign of Things to Come

Debate over Gibraltar’s sovereignty is flaring up again as Britain must clarify new defense relationships with EU members
James Black
Monday, April 17, 2017
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