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The Real Reason to Intervene in Syria

Current negotiations over Iran’s suspected nuclear-weapons program may only postpone the inevitable. “Israel's real fear – losing its nuclear monopoly and therefore the ability to use its conventional forces at will throughout the Middle East – is the unacknowledged factor driving its decision-making toward the Islamic Republic,” argues James P. Rubin in Foreign Policy. He suggests that close ties between Iran, Hezbollah and the Assad regime in Syria threaten stability throughout the Middle East, adding “Over the three decades of hostility between Iran and Israel, a direct military confrontation has never occurred – but through Hezbollah, which is sustained and trained by Iran via Syria, the Islamic Republic has proven able to threaten Israeli security interests.” Removing the Assad regime, weakening Iran’s stance towards Israel, could avert the disastrous outcome of war between Iran and Israel, Rubin maintains, and this justifies US involvement in the conflict between Assad and Syrian rebels. In essence, he suggests limited civil war in Syria could prevent a fiercer war between Israel and Iran. To keep the war contained, Rubin admits that US aid to the Syrian rebels requires adept diplomacy and military maneuvering. – YaleGlobal

The Real Reason to Intervene in Syria

Iran’s stronghold in Syria threatens Israel and Middle East stability, and argument is made for US intervention
James P. Rubin
Foreign Policy, 7 June 2012
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James P. Rubin was assistant secretary of state during the Bill Clinton administration.     

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