Romanian Abattoir Defends Horsemeat Trade

The most astute and health-conscious consumers will scrutinize ingredients, wary about substitutes that reduce costs and quality. A labeling mix-up or lack of transparency ingredients can reduce trust among trading partners and customers alike. Reports that horsemeat was included in processed lasagna meals sold in France, Britain and other countries in Europe have outraged consumers. For many in Europe, the horse is a beloved animal, symbolizing freedom, nobility and strength. Investigators tracked the horsemeat to a Romanian slaughterhouse, whose owners insist their product was sent to markets labeled and priced as horsemeat. That claim would suggest that at some point on the meat’s trip to the factory kitchen for lasagna that horsemeat was relabeled as more expensive beef. The meat company explains that it “bought horses from farmers when animals reached the end of their working life or families could not afford to care for them” and “That had happened more frequently during the economic downturn.” – YaleGlobal

Romanian Abattoir Defends Horsemeat Trade

European consumers are outraged to learn that horsemeat was labeled as beef and used in processed lasagna; the eurocrisis has prompted a rise horsemeat sales
Neil Buckley
Thursday, February 14, 2013
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