Southern Poverty Law Center: Guide to Countering “Alt-Right”

Right-wing extremist groups are descending on US college campuses, trying to recruit followers, attract publicity and incite outrage with various causes including white nationalism. Such appearances in diverse college towns like Berkeley, California, and Charlottesville, Virginia, have triggered protests, violence and fierce debates over the constitutional right to free speech. “College campuses are clearly on the frontline of the alt-right’s battle against multiculturalism,” explains the Southern Poverty Law Center. “They are targeted for a simple reason: They embrace diversity, tolerance and social justice….College campuses are home to the highest ideals of human rights.” The Southern Poverty Law Center relies on litigation and education to fight hate and bigotry, pursue justice for society’s most vulnerable members and promote equal justice and equal opportunity – and has released a guide with recommendations on how to respond to the provocative events. The Center urges opponents of such extremism to avoid confrontation: “public universities that have a policy allowing student groups to host outside speakers cannot legally bar alt-right speakers except under the most extreme circumstances. The SPLC urges students to hold alternative events that celebrate diversity, inclusion and cultural awareness.” – YaleGlobal

Southern Poverty Law Center: Guide to Countering “Alt-Right”

The Southern Poverty Law Center releases guide for colleges and other communities on responding to the white nationalist movement, or the “alt-right”
Thursday, August 17, 2017

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