Spiegel Online: Netherlands Dispute Gives Turkey Perfect Election Fodder

Politicians find it useful to stir up nationalism and anger inside their own country and outside prior to elections. “Turkish voters are slated to cast ballots on April 16 on the introduction of a presidential system that would transfer virtually all power in the country to the president,” explains Maximilian Popp. “But Erdogan has had a tough time persuading voters of the need for these reforms…. The moves in recent days by politicians in Germany and the Netherlands to prevent Turkish politicians from making campaign appearances in those countries have once again lent relevance to Erdogan's campaign.” The Dutch will head to the polls and elect a prime minister March 15. Germany cancelled events related to visits by Turkish officials, and the Netherlands blocked two Turkish foreign ministers from entering the country. Both Germany and the Netherlands have substantial numbers of Turkish immigrants. – YaleGlobal

Spiegel Online: Netherlands Dispute Gives Turkey Perfect Election Fodder

The Netherlands refused to allow key Turkish government members to hold political rallies; Turkey calls for retaliation – as both nations prepare for elections
Maximilian Popp
Monday, March 13, 2017
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