The Telegraph: US Makes Formal Apology to Britain After White House Accuses GCHQ of Wiretapping Trump Tower

The United States issued a formal apology to Great Britain after the White House press secretary repeated a Fox News source suggesting that former US President Barack Obama spied on Trump Tower with the help of British intelligence. GCHQ described the allegations as “nonsense” and “utterly ridiculous.” The diplomatic uproar came on the same day that the Trump administration released a proposed budget that cuts US State Department spending by 30 percent. The US president has issued vague claims in recent weeks that his predecessor used government resources for surveillance before and after the election, even though US officials who must approve such surveillance have said there is no evidence. Added complications: US history of spying on allies and multiple investigations about Russian meddling in the US election. The US national security adviser and the press secretary offered apologies, reports the Telegraph's Steven Swinford. British officials are adamant that they do not want baseless charges repeated, noting that “under British law, GCHQ can only gather intelligence for national security purposes" and a US election ‘doesn't meet that criteria,’” notes Swinford. “The president is under increasing pressure to justify his claims, which his opponents charge calls the whole integrity of his administration into question.” Commenters openly express concern about the news sources relied on by the Trump administration and the president’s health. – YaleGlobal

The Telegraph: US Makes Formal Apology to Britain After White House Accuses GCHQ of Wiretapping Trump Tower

US presidential staff rely on news sources lacking in credibility, flinging accusations about surveillance without evidence, angering Britain, a US ally
Steven Swinford
Friday, March 17, 2017

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Steven Swinford is the deputy political editor.

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