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The Threat From Mali

Vestiges of colonialism and demands for self-determination have led to a crisis in Mali. Writing for the Khaleej Times, Eric Margolis describes the tribal Tuaregs’ desire for a separate state. In search of the next global news story, western media have linked Mali extremists to Al Qaeda without sufficient proof, contends Margolis, adding that many extremists have simply expropriated the name. The international community is considering two options: Former colonial power France still has commercial and military ties in the region, and is pursuing UN Security Council approval for French military intervention. A US plan would assemble a proxy regional force to take on the militants, similar to the ongoing fight against the Al Shabab movement in Somalia. US and French military interests could be using Mali to distract their own citizens from economic troubles. Either strategy could destabilize Mali, expanding the conflict to nearby states in unpredictable ways. – YaleGlobal

The Threat From Mali

Islamist militants in Mali could destabilize an impoverished and volatile region, drawing in Western powers as well.
Eric S. Margolis
The Khaleej Times, 28 November 2012
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Eric S. Margolis is a veteran US journalist. 

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