US General Warns Over Iranian Cyber-Soldiers

Iran’s industries and infrastructure are under repeated cyber-attacks, and that in turn is prompting the country to step up its own computer security and offensive capabilities, warns General William Shelton, in charge of US cyber-operations. Iran’s enemies can anticipate becoming targets of cyber-attacks in years ahead, explains the article in BBC News. The US has about 6000 so-called cyber-forces and plans on adding more. “These workers were successfully fending off the vast majority of the millions of attacks aimed at military networks every day,” the BBC News reports about the general comments. “In addition, he said, the cyber-forces could gather intelligence and were developing the ability to carry out hack attacks in support of more traditional military operations.” Cyber warfare could disrupt the countless businesses, communications, trade and diplomatic efforts that thrive on the internet. – YaleGlobal

US General Warns Over Iranian Cyber-Soldiers

Cyberattacks on Iran are prompting the nation to develop its capabilities and respond in kind – and that could threaten global trade and communications
Thursday, January 24, 2013
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