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US Intelligence Agencies See Different World in 2030

The US National Intelligence Council has issued a report describing “tectonic shifts” that are rapidly changing the world and will deliver a new global balance of power by 2030, as reported by Nicole Gaouette for Bloomberg. Major trends include “the end of U.S. global dominance, the rising power of individuals against states, a rising middle class whose demands challenge governments, and a Gordian knot of water, food and energy shortages” in addition to wider access to new technologies, shifting economic power, aging and growing populations, urbanization and growing demand for food and water. “The report reflects the consensus judgments of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, who consulted or contracted with academics, research institutes, political leaders and corporations in 14 countries and the European Union,” reports Gaouette. It must be noted that all these trends and factors have been addressed in YaleGlobal articles over the past decade. – YaleGlobal

US Intelligence Agencies See Different World in 2030

Trends described in US National Intelligence Council report have all been described as globalization factors by YaleGlobal over past decade
Nicole Gaouette
Bloomberg, 10 December 2012

Bloomberg reports on the US National Intelligence Council report.