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US Marijuana Legalization Fuels Drugs War Debate

The legalization of marijuana by Colorado and Washington in the United States has opened the possibility of regulating and taxing the product. US federal laws still emphasize strict enforcement prohibiting illegal drug use, and the BBC News examines a potential legal collision. Other South American countries, tired of US haranguing to slow the supply side, could follow in Washington’s and Colorado’s decriminalization footsteps: A left-wing politician in Mexico is set to introduce legislation to regulate marijuana consumption; Uruguay is reexamining the state’s role in regulating cannabis cultivation. Legalization in US states faces hurdles: President Barack Obama hasn’t yet unveiled policies, and it’s unclear if minor steps toward decriminalization will deter drug cartels. In the end, governments must build an effective chain of regulation to monitor consumption of legal marijuana. Cooperation among countries, across two continents would be helpful. With a new Mexican president and Obama securing a second term, drug policy in the Americas could undergo a paradigm shift. – YaleGlobal

US Marijuana Legalization Fuels Drugs War Debate

Marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington may face hurdles from US federal government, but may change the discourse on drugs across the Americas
BBC News, 3 December 2012
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3 December 2012
i,v done pot and drink. drinking is a killer i would like to see drinking as the most deadly drug there is. it has killed more people then any other drug in the world..people used it the water was bad our water is ok now so lets get after the real killer dringing driving liver kidnys heart many more sickness rape homisides all do to drinking.i,d like to see a jail sentents for any one who sells alcahal its a killer so open your eyes lets work to stop this killer.....
-bill , north dakota