The Washington Post: Evicted Israeli Settlers Wait for Promised New Home

In the West Bank, a group of religious Jews who were forced to leave their homes in Amona, an illegal Israeli settlement, have been waiting months for the Netanyahu government to construct a long-awaited settlement that may never come. After the Israeli Army removed these settlers from their homes, Netanyahu promised to build a new “legal” home – although the international community views all settlements in the area as illegal, while Israel distinguishes among settlements – to resettle the displaced community. Yet three months later, the families of Amona find themselves living in cramped rooms in hostels and shelters in other communities. The promised settlement would be Israel’s first in more than 20 years, and critics argue it would further entrench the Israeli occupation of what would be a Palestinian state. The Palestinians view any settlement construction as illegal and impeding on their right to the land. The Trump administration has largely kept with Obama’s view of settlements as harmful to the peace process. The hope is for a peace deal, and no one wants to put families through the ordeal of resettling yet again. – YaleGlobal

The Washington Post: Evicted Israeli Settlers Wait for Promised New Home

As Israel promises, but delays new settlement, Amona residents wait in vain, and Palestinians remain alert
Ruth Eglash
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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