The Washington Post: Why Every Other Country in the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Standing by It

The United States is not recertifying the Iran nuclear deal, a task that must be completed every three months. UN inspectors report that Iran is in compliance. Other countries are party to the deal: Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and Iran. Europe contends the deal, by preventing proliferation, is better than no deal. Other countries can stick with the deal without US support and expect to remain. Europe expresses hope that trade and improved relations with Iran are better for reducing human rights violations than rancor. Also, “Iranian exports to the European Union increased by 375 percent from 2015 to 2016, and European companies have already invested a significant amount of money in the country, raising the stakes of any decision that could result in the deal’s collapse,” report Rick Noack and Erin Cunningham for the Washington Post. Donald Trump, US president, is giving Congress the option to impose sanctions, which could prompt Iran to abandon the deal, too. He also expects new terms. For now, Iran will stay with the deal. – YaleGlobal

The Washington Post: Why Every Other Country in the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Standing by It

The US did not recertify the Iran nuclear deal, and it’s up to Congress to impose new sanctions; China, Russia, Germany France and Europe will stay with the deal
Rick Noack and Erin Cunningham
Friday, October 13, 2017

Rick Noack writes about foreign affairs and is based in Europe. Erin Cunningham is an Istanbul-based correspondent for The Post. She previously covered conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan for the Christian Science Monitor, GlobalPost and The National. © 1996-2017 The Washington Post

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