WHO Data Portal Shines Light on Global Health Coverage

The World Health Organization, which offers country data on for comparing health and costs, offers a data portal that tracks universal health coverage. Universal coverage and reasonable costs contribute to global competitiveness and economic growth. Countries can learn from one another about best practices and reducing costs. “The portal shows where countries need to improve access to services and where they need to improve information,” reports James Richards for Public Finance International. “It displays the largest volume of data on access to health services globally, and in each of the WHO’s 194 member states with data on family planning and other reproductive and child health services, infectious diseases, noncommunicable diseases and service capacity. Information around equity of access is also displayed,” In 2017, WHO will add data on how health costs impact household finances. – YaleGlobal

WHO Data Portal Shines Light on Global Health Coverage

World Health Organization launches online data portal to track and compare progress towards universal health coverage around the world
James Richards
Friday, December 16, 2016

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The World Health Organization has posted the Universal Health Coverage Data Portal. 

James Richards is a freelance journalist.

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