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Why India Trails China

India as a democracy has made great strides in education, poverty reduction and economic reform, but the country, destined to the world’s most populous, still lags behind China. “The far greater gap between India and China is in the provision of essential public services — a failing that depresses living standards and is a persistent drag on growth,” writes Amartya Sen in an opinion essay for the New York Times. “Inequality is high in both countries, but China has done far more than India to raise life expectancy, expand general education and secure health care for its people.” Sen suggests that a society cannot be assessed by achievements of its elites alone, that countries are more competitive when governments lift confidence by investing in public services like health care, education, secure and reliable infrastructure. Democracy “demands sustained deliberation, political engagement, media coverage, popular pressure.” – YaleGlobal

Why India Trails China

Amartya Sen: China deliberately invests in its people; India’s democracy applied without widespread diligence, political engagement adds to inequality
Amartya Sen
The New York Times, 20 June 2013
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Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate, is a professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard. He is the author, with Jean Drèze, of “An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions.”

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21 June 2013
Excellent article. China leads India in many fields especially in infrastructure,energy etc. As correctly pointed out by the Nobel Laureate,decision making in China takes place at top. Unfortunately in India more discussion ,dissent and distraction takes place after the decision is taken. Both countries have hughe human resources which are great asset.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
-Anumakonda , Nellore(AP),India