Worldwide, People Rally in Support of Women’s March on Washington

More than 1 million people marched in the United States on January 21 and more than another million joined with at least 650 sister marches around the globe. The goal was to promote human rights, gender equality and a new wave of political activism. “Organizers said that demonstrators wanted to send a bold message to President Trump on his first full day in office that women’s rights are worth defending,” writes Karla Adam for the Washington Post. “Trump’s campaign was colored by sexist remarks, allegations of sexual assault and lewd comments about women that Trump dismissed as ‘locker room talk.’” Signs read “Make America think again,” “Immigrants are a blessing, not a burden” and “A woman’s place is in the Revolution.” The marches put businesses and politicians on notice that women are watching policymaking in Washington, DC. As one demonstrator from Sydney, Australia, concluded, “Misogyny and bigotry are global issues.” – YaleGlobal

Worldwide, People Rally in Support of Women’s March on Washington

Sizable crowds turn out to support Women’s March in 670-plus communities around the globe to encourage political activism on women’s rights and human rights
Karla Adam
Monday, January 23, 2017

Griff Witte in London, James McAuley in Paris and William Booth in Jerusalem contributed to this report.

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