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Fahad Nazer
, 24 June 2014
Neat alignment vanishes with the US more cautious, Saudi Arabia assertive in the Middle East
Harold Hongju Koh
, 3 October 2013
Humanitarian interventions, as proposed by Obama on Syria, shape responsibility to protect
James Cuno
, 26 November 2015
The world must find ways to intervene and protect antiquities when nation-states cannot do so
Joseph Chamie
, 6 March 2014
After centuries of male dominance in higher education, women outnumber men in attendance, graduation rates
Stephen S. Roach
, 10 November 2015
China’s new Five-Year Plan could inspire citizen confidence with focus on social safety net and quality growth

In the News

Kia Makarechi
Vanity Fair
, 26 November 2015
Modern art of the West influenced Iranian artist Farideh Lashai
Laura McKenna
The Atlantic
, 27 November 2015
US public and private colleges attracted near 1 million international students for 2014-15
, 28 January 2008
Western investors are only partly successful in reshaping the governing boards of foreign firms
Jane Perlez
The New York Times
, 12 November 2015
China could offer opportunities for Myanmar’s economic growth


William J. Clinton
, 31 October 2003

At the invitation of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, former United States President Bill Clinton delivered a public lecture on global challenges at Yale University. Part 1 shows the introductions by Richard C. Levin and Ernesto Zedillo. Please install Real Player and click download in order to see the video.

Sir John Major
, 30 November 2010

Sir John Major, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, gave the George Herbert Walker, Jr. Lecture in International Studies at Yale on November 30 on the topic of "Fantasy to Reality: The World that Lies Ahead." Sponsored by the MacMillan Center and the Center for the Study of Globalization.

Bo Ekman
, 28 January 2011

In an interview with Nayan Chanda, Bo Ekman, Founder and chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, discusses the challenge of global warming and the measures needed to avert danger to the planet.


Bruce Judson
, 2 December 2010

Popular Kindle and other ebook readers can store forbidden books and foil censors

Harsh V. Pant
, 1 April 2011

A new world order – depending on the BRICs – is not emerging anytime soon

Zhiwu Chen
, 3 December 2001

Are the changes in China due to Globalization? Zhiwu Chen explores the rise and fall of China's economy in light of increased globalization. He is a Professor of Finance at Yale University’s School of Management.

Bound Together Column

Nayan Chanda
, 20 June 2011
Pursuit of national power is not global leadership
Nayan Chanda
, 21 September 2012
By going with one side or the other, US voters could vote for cooperation, break gridlock
Nayan Chanda
, 13 May 2015
Economies must adjust to declining fertility rates, pace of technology and shifts toward Asia

Book Reviews

Edited by Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson
Blackwell Publishing
The book reveals that the study of globalization of sport, is a rich affair, open to the analysis of historians, anthropologists, economists and many other specialists.
Karen Eggleston and Shripad Tuljapurkar, Editors
The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center
Asian nations respond to these shifting demographics, combining modern elements of health care with traditional perspectives.
Lester R. Brown
W.W. Norton and Company
Food-price stability depends on good harvests year after year, and extreme weather events increasingly test agriculture’s ability to meet demands of a growing population.

Book Excerpts

Jagdish Bhagwati, Arvind Panagariya
The only strategy that will help the poor is economic growth.
David Shambaugh
Oxford University Press
China’s influence is constrained by aloofness, distrust, risk aversion and inconsistencies.
Ramachandra Guha
University of California Press
The United States is presiding at a general reorganization of the ways of living throughout the world. - André Siegfried, 1932 (1)

Academic Papers

Nicole Detraza and Leah Windsorb
International Feminist Journal of Politics
David Lai
China Security Vol. 5 No. 1
Winter 2009
The PLA's move to go global is a natural outgrowth of China's expanding power