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Fahad Nazer
, 24 June 2014
Neat alignment vanishes with the US more cautious, Saudi Arabia assertive in the Middle East
Farok J. Contractor
, 28 June 2016
More truth-telling is needed in a complex world where the disgruntled try to cherry-pick among regulations, globalization
Riaz Hassan
, 3 September 2009
Study of a comprehensive database gives a surprising answer
Riaz Hassan
, 9 September 2010
Surprisingly, altruism is found among the complex set of factors
Harold Hongju Koh
, 3 October 2013
Humanitarian interventions, as proposed by Obama on Syria, shape responsibility to protect

In the News

, 29 June 2016
Terrorist attacks could drive the NATO member closer to Russia
Philip Bowring
Asia Sentinel
, 29 June 2016
Net foreign debt passes the $1 trillion mark
Rachel Morarjee
, 29 June 2016
Local knowledge is key to business growth
Stephen Meyer
National Review
, 19 June 2016
Brexit could disrupt functioning of NATO


Bo Ekman
, 28 January 2011

In an interview with Nayan Chanda, Bo Ekman, Founder and chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, discusses the challenge of global warming and the measures needed to avert danger to the planet.

Daniel Yergin
, 18 June 2010

In an interview with Nayan Chanda, Daniel Yergin, one of the world’s leading experts on energy, discusses the future of dependence on oil and a push towards efficiency. He also talks about the “globalization of demand”, that the success of globalization is reflected in rising energy demand.

, 23 April 2015

In a wide-ranging interview with YaleGlobal’s Nayan Chanda, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and former Director General of the World Health Organization discussed various challenges facing the world. She expressed guarded optimism about the climate change summit in Paris but was concerned about the growing economic inequality in the developed world and rising anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe. Brudtland was one of the intended target of Norwegian anti-Islamic fanatic Anders Behring Breivik who killed dozens of socialist youth in July 2011.


Yoichi Funabashi
, 5 October 2010

As a global economic power, Japan can lead in peace-building, economic development, nonproliferation and environmental protection.

Alexandra Harney
, 24 September 2008

Shoppers, intent on bargains, bear some responsibility for Asia's pollution

Dilip Hiro
, 21 March 2011

The no-fly zone over Libya divides many, from the Arab League to the UN

Bound Together Column

Nayan Chanda
, 9 May 2016
Good governance is required to ensure fair distribution of globalization’s benefits
Nayan Chanda
, 15 September 2009
The Rome agreement will give the EU nations a chance to check their illegal and unregulated fishing trade
Nayan Chanda
, 5 June 2015
Anyone can be a manufacturer

Book Reviews

Karen Eggleston and Shripad Tuljapurkar, Editors
The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center
Asian nations respond to these shifting demographics, combining modern elements of health care with traditional perspectives.
Edited by Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson
Blackwell Publishing
The book reveals that the study of globalization of sport, is a rich affair, open to the analysis of historians, anthropologists, economists and many other specialists.
Peter Chapman
New York: Canongate
Bananas became a problem mono-product for Central America as well as a symbol of rapid and reckless globalization.

Book Excerpts

Dilip Hiro
London and New York: Nation Books
Elizabeth H. Bradley and Lauren A. Taylor
US spends lots on health care than Scandinavian nations with less-than-satisfactory outcomes
Dilip Hiro
Nation Books
In After Empire, Dilip Hiro provides a realistic, challenging, and nuanced look at the emerging power politics of the coming century and considers how they are going to turn our world upside-down.

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