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Manisha Juthani-Mehta
, 25 November 2014
The risks are high - Ebola diagnosis, treatment, care should be left to teams of well-trained providers
Saroj Kumar Rath
, 20 November 2014
NATO’s drawdown in Afghanistan and rise of Islamic State leave India vulnerable to terrorism
Riaz Hassan
, 3 September 2009
Study of a comprehensive database gives a surprising answer
Joseph Chamie
, 6 March 2014
After centuries of male dominance in higher education, women outnumber men in attendance, graduation rates
Leonard S. Spector
, 18 November 2014
In sorting through Iran’s nuclear supplies, P5+1 must decide how to handle illegally gained materials and equipment

In the News

Keith Johnson
Foreign Policy
, 25 November 2014
Talks on Iran’s nuclear activities are extended for seven months
, 28 January 2008
Western investors are only partly successful in reshaping the governing boards of foreign firms
Nayan Chanda
The Times of India
, 24 November 2014
Delhi should follow Beijing’s lead on addressing climate change with reduced emissions
Julia Amalia Heyer
Spiegel Online
, 19 November 2014
The secular middle class is not immune to extremism


Daniel Yergin
, 18 June 2010

In an interview with Nayan Chanda, Daniel Yergin, one of the world’s leading experts on energy, discusses the future of dependence on oil and a push towards efficiency. He also talks about the “globalization of demand”, that the success of globalization is reflected in rising energy demand.

William J. Clinton
, 31 October 2003

At the invitation of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, former United States President Bill Clinton delivered a public lecture on global challenges at Yale University. Part 1 shows the introductions by Richard C. Levin and Ernesto Zedillo. Please install Real Player and click download in order to see the video.

, 11 October 2012

Recently, the possibility of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities has been looming. Such an attack could evolve into a major shock for the global economy, with serious geopolitical consequences. This panel will analyze, from various perspectives, the rationale, likelihood and probable consequences of that occurrence.


Ramesh Thakur
, 18 February 2009

Could the war on terror intersect with an India-Pakistan war?

Alexandra Harney
, 24 September 2008

Shoppers, intent on bargains, bear some responsibility for Asia's pollution

Jamsheed K. Choksy
, 28 October 2010

As major powers impose sanctions for violation of its non-proliferation commitment, Iranian leaders cultivate ties with developing nations.

Bound Together Column

Nayan Chanda
, 8 January 2014
Reliance on subsidies dulls India’s competitive edge
Nayan Chanda
, 12 November 2014
Tired of waiting for IMF reform, China launches AIIB
Nayan Chanda
, 5 January 2008
Historical interconnections between communities worldwide have multiplied manifold in recent times

Book Reviews

Edited by Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson
Blackwell Publishing
The book reveals that the study of globalization of sport, is a rich affair, open to the analysis of historians, anthropologists, economists and many other specialists.
Stephen Kinzer
New York: Times Books
Regime change has been an integral part of US foreign policy for more than 100 years.
Kishore Mahbubani
New York: Public Affairs
The premise of Kishore Mahbubani's latest book is simple: If representative democracy is the best known form of governance for nations, then it's also the best form for the world.

Book Excerpts

Ramachandra Guha
University of California Press
The United States is presiding at a general reorganization of the ways of living throughout the world. - André Siegfried, 1932 (1)
Lant Pritchett
Center for Global Development
Six Accommodations for Politically Acceptable, Development-Friendly Migration Because the main forces blocking increased labor mobility are ideas, the most important agenda is to develop ideas-proposals for the national and international agendas that create development-friendly policies toward migration and create sustained pressures for the adoption of these proposals.
Stephen Roach
Yale University Press

Academic Papers

David Lai
China Security Vol. 5 No. 1
Winter 2009
The PLA's move to go global is a natural outgrowth of China's expanding power
European Commission
9 June 2008
American and European governments will need to address major shifts in the global economy