A Stalled Arab Spring

To change Middle East, disparate groups of protesters must coalesce around a shared vision
Dilip Hiro
August 4, 2011

Libyan Fallout: Does NATO Divide the Atlantic Partners? Part II

Expecting cherry-picking from NATO members, the US delegates security tasks to Europe
Tomas Valasek
May 12, 2011

Libyan Fallout: Does NATO Divide the Atlantic Partners? Part I

Varying contributions of NATO members in war with Libya reveal a glass half empty
Alistair Burnett
May 10, 2011

Guide to Reform the Middle East? Try East Asia

In North Africa and East Asia, former enemies can compromise and build new governments
Humphrey Hawksley
April 20, 2011

China’s Foreign-Policy Balancing Act – Part I

China, claiming an aversion to using force for international conflicts, hedges on Libya
Jonathan Fenby
April 13, 2011

Libya Exposes Fault Lines in the Mediterranean – Part II

In the volatile Middle East, successful intervention requires respect for Arab public opinion
Shashank Joshi
March 28, 2011


South American Tomato Moth Is Stoking Food Security Fears in Nigeria

The moth reproduces rapidly, and ruins tomato plants and other crops
Yomi Kazeem
May 30, 2016

Africa Faces Worst Drought in Half a Century

The continent cannot sustain its rising population without some big changes
Bartholomäus Grill
May 13, 2016

Everyone Says the Libya Intervention Was a Failure: They’re Wrong

Some interventions must proceed even when chances are slim that stability will follow
Shadi Hamid
April 15, 2016

Out of Africa

Climate change adds to desertification, migration, conflicts and extremism
Thomas L. Friedman
April 14, 2016

After Chibok, Another Boko Haram Kidnapping of Nigerian Children Met With Silence

More than 2 million people have been displaced
Aminu Abubakar and Robyn Dixon
April 13, 2016