Hungry World: A Silent Crisis Calls for Urgent Action

Developed nations should reform aid and launch a new Green Revolution
Marshall Bouton
July 7, 2009

Somalia’s Piracy Offers Lessons in Global Governance

Protecting the global commons requires more than a military response
Christopher Jasparro
April 6, 2009

Unevenly Yoked

Has globalization dealt Africa a bad hand?
Norbert Mao
November 3, 2003

Non-Globalized States Pose a Threat

Bush's African safari is an important step in dealing with the challenge.
Banning N. Garrett
July 7, 2003

Bush in Africa: A Continent Adrift

Internal weakness exacerbated by mistaken international approach has destabilized Africa
Donald Steinberg
February 18, 2008

The New Global Food Fight

US advocacy of genetically modified food pits it against many countries.
Kathleen McAfee
June 6, 2003


Gunmen Attack Luxury Hotel in Mali Capital

French have been assisting Mali government against rebels since 2013
Kevin Sieff, Sarah Kaplan and Brian Murphy
November 21, 2015

We Should Have Seen This Refugee Crisis Coming

Governments do not harness the power of technology
Rana Novack
September 23, 2015

Europe Trades Blame as Migrants' Bodies Pulled From Mediterranean

Disparate laws challenge border enforcement
Ahmed Elumami and Marton Dunai
August 31, 2015

Denmark: First EU Country Planning to Run Anti-Refugee Adverts in Foreign Papers

Far-right parties gain traction by opposing immigration of desperate refugees
Emmanuel Akinwotu
August 20, 2015

No Plastic Bags? It's Already the Law in Rwanda

Citizens also stop all work the last Saturday of each month to clean their community
Karen Louise Boothe Acharya
August 7, 2015