Action or Sanctions

The Sudanese government "has to do more" if it wants to avert international punitive measures
Dina Ezzat
August 13, 2004

In Africa, an Exodus of Nurses

African nurses bound for developed countries leave their home countries' health care system in shambles
Celia W. Dugger
July 12, 2004

War On ‘Blood’ Diamonds Ramped Up

New EU move may stem flow of illicit stones in war-torn Africa
Ursula Owre Masterson
August 21, 2002

Fresh Water Talks

Nile Basin countries re-double efforts to work out a way of sharing and managing the region's water resources
Gamal Nkrumah
June 11, 2004

Africa: Gender Inequality Fuels AIDS Crisis

The links between sexual violence and AIDS are too often ignored in Africa, says Human Rights Watch
December 3, 2003