Is ASEAN Losing Its Way?

Fragmented ASEAN balks at taking a position on China’s creeping expansionism in the South China Sea
Amitav Acharya
September 24, 2015

Seeking Safety Abroad: The Hidden Story in China’s FDI Statistics

The Chinese prefer investing overseas; dummy companies may ease transfers and devalue renminbi
Farok J. Contractor
September 10, 2015

China’s Grand Parade to Keep Some Ghosts of History Alive

China uses WWII history against rival Japan for power, but cooperation could be the better lesson
Börje Ljunggren
September 8, 2015

Tension Highlights North Korea’s Limitations

South Korea refuses to panic over North’s provocations, turns on border loudspeakers to secure agreement on peace talks
Shim Jae Hoon
August 25, 2015

Temperatures in the South China Sea Continue to Rise

Chinese military drills in South China Sea, as ASEAN convenes on code of conduct, send unsettling message
Gregory Poling
August 6, 2015

China Tightens Its Two-Systems Approach for Hong Kong

Protests, China’s tightening grip, uncertainty put Hong Kong’s status as global financial center at risk
Michael C. Davis
August 4, 2015


China Groups Take Out Insurance Against Blocking of Foreign Deals

The firms anticipate increasing protectionism
Henry Sender
January 12, 2017

Are Chinese Enterprises Being Taxed to Death?

China collects the bulk of its taxes from producers
Zhang Jun
January 10, 2017

To Confront North Korea, Talk First and Get Tough Later

ICBM program under development is lower priority than preserving the Kim regime
William J. Perry
January 9, 2017

Factory Farming Blamed for Massive Bird Flu Outbreak: Experts

Crowded conditions for poultry accelerate the spread of disease
Kim Da-sol
January 6, 2017

More Chinese Are Sending Younger Children to Schools in US

Parents appreciate the independent thinking and opportunities
Miriam Jordan
January 5, 2017