Central Asia Description

Globalization in Trouble – Part I

Lack of equitable burden-sharing could undermine free trade
Bernard K. Gordon
February 12, 2010

Obama’s Afghan Gamble

Defeating Al Qaeda is worth a try, but failure in Afghanistan would embolden Islamic radicals
Bruce Riedel
December 3, 2009

Pakistan on the Brink

Mismanaged “war on terror” has stirred extremism, threatening to rip Pakistan apart
Ahmed Rashid
September 19, 2008

After Bhutto, Pakistan on Edge

With the country exploding in anger, Pakistan’s fate hangs on how political leaders decide to restore stability
Ahmed Rashid
January 1, 2008

Pakistan's Anniversary Wish – Justice

Denying justice in the name of fighting terrorism will backfire
Ahmed Rashid
August 16, 2007

Pakistan at the Crossroads – Part II

In an exclusive interview, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto offers both warnings and plans for her country
Nayan Chanda
August 9, 2007


As Asia Rises, New Challenges Emerge

Inequality, uncertainty conflict could disrupt rise
Barry Desker
July 11, 2013

China Eases Curb On Dalai Lama Images

Less control could cool religious fervor
June 27, 2013

Analysis: Iran Moderate's Poll Triumph Is Mandate for Change

Battered economy is a priority
Marcus George
June 17, 2013

Afghans Nervous as Nawaz Sharif Returns

Will Sharif pursue intervention or trade?
Hafizullah Gardesh, Mina Habib
May 29, 2013

Turn to Religion Split Suspects' Home

Religion was excuse to blame tolerant society for individual failings
Alan Cullison, Paul Sonne, Anton Troianovski, David George-Cosh
April 25, 2013