Globalization: Europe's Wary Embrace

Most Europeans believe the European Union can protect them from the downsides of globalization - and they're right
Philip H. Gordon
November 1, 2004

France Hopes to Block the Wave of Globalization

The government plan to stem the flow of jobs abroad could be a futile last stand against the 21st Century
A. Sheshabalaya
September 20, 2004

The New Yellow Peril

As Western countries fret about job loss due to outsourcing, their concerns are as poorly founded as those expressed a century ago
Oliver Cattaneo
October 6, 2004

Iran on the Brink

Short of acquiescence or military action, how can the world community respond to Tehran's nuclear ambitions?
Henry Sokolski
September 22, 2004

Signs Across the Atlantic: 'Europeans for Kerry!'

Europeans watch and wait for a change of guard in Washington
Shada Islam
August 12, 2004

Putin: Talk Like a Democrat, Walk Like an Autocrat

Economic realities and Western nudging may yet change his gait
Strobe Talbott
May 12, 2004


The Lost Children: France Takes Stock of Growing Jihadist Problem

The secular middle class is not immune to extremism
Julia Amalia Heyer
November 19, 2014

Gorbachev Is Wrong About a New Cold War

Modern Russia lacks ideological backing for Cold War
Philip Stevens
November 14, 2014

A First: Spacecraft Lands on Speeding Comet

Journey, 10 years long and 483 million kilometers, is huge achievement
Marcus Woo
November 12, 2014

What If Britain Left the EU?

The UK could expect political restructuring, social instability and cultural paucity by leaving the EU
Michael White, Larry Elliott and Charlotte Higgins
November 7, 2014

Central Asia Hurting as Russia’s Ruble Sinks

Inflation hurts those who rely on remittance and imports from Russia
David Trilling and Timur Toktonaliev
November 6, 2014