Moments Before the Union, "Old" Europe Gets Cold Feet

Fear of an avalanche of migration is making the western states nervous about enlarging Europe
Shada Islam
March 3, 2004

Headscarf Ban Misses the Point

France's proposed law illustrates cultural divide between the state and its Islamic population
Shada Islam
January 30, 2004

One Hand Clapping in the Caucasus

Global forces helped to push change, but the region’s long-term success is not assured
Kenneth Weisbrode
January 26, 2004

NATO’s Double Standards Make for a Hollow Alliance

The military alliance is only as strong and effective as its weakest links
Alexander Melikishvili
January 26, 2009


Grexit Grumblings: Germany Open to Possible Greek Eurozone Exit

World eyes Europe’s north-south standoff on how to handle debtors
Nikolaus Blome, Giorgos Christides, Christian Reiermann and Gregor Peter Schmitz
January 6, 2015

A Football Stadium Covered in This Solar Cloth Could Power a Small Town

Solar startups still innovate as oil prices decline
Megan Gambino
January 2, 2015

Europe’s Cheap Borrowing Costs Lure Corporate Fundraising

Analysts anticipate European Central Bank to try quantitative easing to spur growth
Sally Bakewell and Cordell Eddings
December 30, 2014

The Lost Children: France Takes Stock of Growing Jihadist Problem

The secular middle class is not immune to extremism
Julia Amalia Heyer
November 19, 2014

Gorbachev Is Wrong About a New Cold War

Modern Russia lacks ideological backing for Cold War
Philip Stevens
November 14, 2014