Meant to Promote Cooperation, G20 Meeting Shows Discord

G20 leaders, many embattled and questioned at home, struggle to manage globalization or explain its rewards
Chris Miller
September 6, 2016

G20 Summit: Leaving West to Deal With Crises, China Focuses on Positives

G20 agenda hints at China’s vision for global order with focus on long-term rather than immediate concerns
François Godement
August 30, 2016

World's Mind Made Up on US Presidential Race

Pew Research Center survey in 15 nations: Obama is tough act to follow, Clinton is more trusted than Trump
Bruce Stokes
August 16, 2016

Unwanted Migration: How Governments Cope?

Climate change, shrinking resources, conflict ensure ongoing migration – and governments cannot afford to ignore the challenges
Joseph Chamie and Barry Mirkin
August 4, 2016

Global Security and Democratic Governance Falter as Historic Rivalries Reemerge

Amid rising nationalism, the democratic powers of the West struggle to retain openness and economic integration
Richard Weitz
July 21, 2016

Migration Trend: Young and Poor Move to Lands of Aging Rich

Median age gaps of 10 years and more between sending and receiving nations add to migration pressures
Joseph Chamie
June 30, 2016